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President Trump’s announcement that he has tested positive for the corona virus has grabbed headlines, but the dog that didn’t bark presents a more interesting point. Wall Street isn’t so worried about corona virus anymore; the perception is, that the virus will fade away or a vaccine will be developed, but in either case, the economy will improve.According to an RBC survey of portfolio managers, however, the coming November election presents a clear risk to the markets. A large majority of investors surveyed, 76%, worry that the election will be contested, resulting in weeks – possibly months – on uncertainty. And uncertainty is bad for the markets.Recent events, some not-to-distant history, bear them out. For the history, we must only look back to 2000, when it took until December 12, an appeal to the Supreme Court, to decide the results of the Florida recount. The S&P 500 slipped 5% during those weeks – that was uncertainty caused by one state, recounting a limited number of votes. The point here is not that this election will be fraudulent or illegitimate. Rather, like Caesar’s wife, the election should be above the perception of impropriety – this year, that bar may be too high. And then the challenges