Equipmake creates F1-inspired electric motors for mining vehicles – Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International

Electrification specialist, Equipmake, has readied a range of high performance advanced electric motors for mining equipment vehicles, bringing major benefits in terms of power density, low running costs reduced emissions.

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Based in Norfolk, UK, Equipmake primarily provides EV technology to automotive OEMs specialist supercar manufacturers, producing everything from industry-leading electric motors to power electronic systems, all the way up to complete EV drivetrains, while also operating across marine, off-highway, agriculture aerospace.

While the mining industry has traditionally been reliant on diesel power, the switch to electric is gathering pace, as mining companies realize the benefits of reduced emissions, as well as lower vehicle machinery operating costs. Equipmake sees many advantages for its motors to be used by drills, excavators trucks, with minimal maintenance compared to fuelled equipment. Furthermore, the lack of emissions arising from an electric powertrain presents a huge leap forward in safety for mining operatives working in confined spaces.

The company’s APM motors, which incorporate many industry-leading innovations are believed to be the most power dense in global series production, use technology born out of Equipmake Managing Director Ian Foley’s career in top-level motorsport.

A former Lotus Benetton F1 engineer, Foley’s research into electric motors flywheels in the mid-2000s led to him play a key role in the development of Williams F1’s hybrid system, used in the 2009 F1 season. The resulting hybrid flywheel arrangement