Murray & Roberts Cementation adds trackless mining machinery to training options – International Mining

Murray & Roberts Cementation has further enhanced its training facilities in South Africa to develop scarce skills in modern underground mining.

The well-known Murray & Roberts Training Academy (MRTA) at Bentley Park near Carletonville, in Gauteng, now boasts a specialised Engineering Training Centre for trackless mining machinery (TMM).

According to Tony Pretorius, Education, Training Development (ETD) Executive at Murray & Roberts Cementation, the centre will raise skills levels among operators, service staff, artisans apprentices.

“As mining becomes more mechanised locally, it is vital that the mining sector keeps up with the technical dems to maintain repair advanced underground machinery,” Pretorius said. “There are simply not enough suitably trained experienced artisans to keep the growing number of TMMs well maintained fully operational.”

He highlights that there is considerable value in upskilling TMM operators to better underst correctly operate their machines, for instance. This could take some of the pressure off artisans while also ensuring more uptime between equipment servicing.

“Mines aim to raise productivity levels with mechanised mining machinery, this comes with greater technical dems on mine production support staff,” he says. “This training will equip artisans with specific skills in mechanised engineering, which are not currently part of the syllabus for conventional trades.”

The centre – which was constructed during the national COVID-19 lockdown at a cost of R1.8 million ($109,074) – includes a workshop, wash bay refuelling bay with all the necessary tools infrastructure. It offers training suitable for people undergoing a trade