The top four business problems the mining industry needs to solve today – International Mining

Ahead of her appearance at the International Mining Resources Conference (IMARC) Online, conference organisers spoke with Michelle Ash, CEO of Dassault Systèmes’ GEOVIA division, to get her thoughts on some of the biggest problems the mining industry needs to solve today, what the mining industry can learn from other industries to gain a competitive advantage.

IMARC: What aspects should mining companies pay attention to in order to prepare for ( accelerate) the industry transformation to a more sustainable future?

MA: The biggest challenge to the mining industry today in the future is changing opinions, changing expectations of society, of people, of citizens. Our performance as an industry the rate at which societies’ expectations are changing is actually widening. This does not mean we are not transforming. As an industry, we are adopting new technology, innovating doing things differently; however, society’s expectations of us as an industry are so much higher than in previous generations. This is simply the result of seeing ongoing dramatic change in other sectors expecting the mining sector to change as fast as radically. This means that not only do we need to increase our rate of transformation, we also need to fundamentally rethink some of our processes.

This translates into the need to adopt completely new ways of working, in order to remain relevant to the community the emerging workforce. Mining companies need to increase the rate at which they adopt technologies that enable mobility collaboration to