Collaboration to optimize mineral processing plants – Mining Review


Wabtec has announced that its Digital Mine organization is collaborating with Stone Three to further exp reach capabilities around optimizing mineral processing plants through machine vision based smart sensor technology, consultative data analysis advanced process control services. 

Maintaining their shared commitment to customers, the agreement entered between Wabtec Stone Three will allow Wabtec to promote identify new hardware software opportunities within the Stone Three portfolio to help mining customers deliver quantifiable outcomes across their value chain.

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The agreement builds on a relationship of successful collaboration between Wabtec Stone Three, where the businesses have seen momentum in their efforts to help mine sites connect people, process technology in key regions such as South Africa Australia.    

The collaboration will enable Wabtec to tap into offer Wabtec’s mining customer base a wide range of capabilities from Stone Three, such as machine vision solutions including froth sensors, particle size analyzers, volumetric material analyzers bubble sizers that measure optimize mineral extraction processes for the mining industry.

“In the climate of COVID-19, remote monitoring of operations while driving productivity has become increasingly relevant.