Koch Project Solutions to Execute Commercialization Projects for CiDRA Breakthrough Minerals Separation Technology – Galveston County Daily News


CiDRA Minerals Processing announced today that it has engaged Koch Project Solutions, LLC (“Koch”) to provide front end engineering design project execution management services for the commercial scale-up global deployment of CiDRA’s novel mineral separation systems. Flotation based separation technology has been utilized in the minerals processing industry for well over 100 years. Over the years there have been incremental improvements to the process, but CiDRA Minerals Processing has developed a breakthrough technology for separating sulphide-based minerals such as copper gold. This novel technology is capable of processing slurry streams with a wide range of particle sizes from ultra-fine to ultra-coarse. This enables the operators to unlock throughput capacity by increasing the primary grind size of the plant without sacrificing recovery. This significantly improves overall plant economics, reduces specific energy consumption, reduces water consumption, enables dry stacking of tailings.

“The mining industry