Rana Gruber Goes Electric, CO2 Free by 2025 – High North News

In sum, a nine-digit NOK amount will be invested in this initiative on a short medium term. The goal is amongst others to demonstrate that solutions that benefit the environment, the climate society also will benefit business.

“Long-term investments into greener more efficient solutions does not only pay off for the environment the climate; it is also economically profitable because it makes work processes more seamless makes the products increasingly attractive on a market with ever-higher dems”, Moe says.

CSR conscious

The mining CEO hopes that the initiative may contribute to demonstrating that the mineral industry takes its mate seriously, that it wants to contribute towards reduced CO2 emissions on a national world basis.

“Several major technological processes, as well as thorough considerations of environment climate, form the foundation for current mineral extraction. The initiatives we are about to take will secure the future for Rana Gruber our nearly 300 employees”, Moe says.

“For us as a company as well as for us as private citizens, this is about our corporate social responsibility the responsibility we have for the earth for coming generations”, Gunnar Moe says in closing.