This Week in Range History – Hometown Focus


J. B. Richardson has begun an interesting suit in the United States district court. He wants damages to the extent of $3,000 from the Duluth, Missabe & Northern Railroad for being put off a train when he held a ticket which he alleges to be good, which incident, he further alleges, caused him to be beaten in the contest for justice of the peace at Sparta.

Mr. Richardson alleges in his complained that he was compelled to walk the greater part of the distance from Duluth to Sparta. He dems $1,000 for the interference thus occasioned in his campaign work. He complains that he has been disgraced in the minds of the voters lost valuable time which might have been employed in working for his election. Mr. Richardson also dems $2,000 for being ejected from the train. The plaintiff represents himself as a subject of Great Britain.


A baby girl was born to Mr. Mrs. Wm. McNabb on Friday last.

New Year’s Day was a trifle spring-like, but snow shovels blizzard-proof clothing have been much in evidence since.

School reopened on Monday. It was a blizzardy morning, but children withstood the severity of the weather until the door was opened without loss of life or limb.

A number of the friends of Mr. Mrs. W. G. Carr tendered them a pleasant surprise