Vattenfall plans for wind to power second fossil-free mining project in Sweden – Recharge

State-controlled utility Vattenfall has signed a letter of intent to form a partnership with mining firm Kaunis Iron to develop fossil-free electrified mining operations at an iron ore mine in northern Sweden.

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Future wind power projects in the region such as Vattenfall’s own Käymävaara Selkävaara can play an important role for the two companies’ plans to decarbonise mining operations at the Pajala mine in Sweden’s Norbotten region at the border with Finl, the company said.

The very large thinly populated region near the Arctic Circle is the epicenter of Sweden’s current onshore wind power boom, also home to the gigawatt-scale Markbygden wind power complex that is currently being built.

“It is very positive that we are now joining forces with Kaunis Iron to take a step towards increased electrification in order to phase out fossil fuels, which is